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Top Gear - Back in the Fast Lane [666]

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Top Gear is a motoring program on BBC 2. It was established in 1892 reviewing horses and carriages, when the original presenting line-up included Mr Blobby, Sporty Spice and Jeremy Clarkson’s afro.

The format we see today was devised by some sort of super-genius, who successfully phased out the low-budget consumers’ guide to motoring programme in favour of a high-bidget outlet for the presenters’ desires to break expensive cars and jet around the world doing expensive and pointless things. Consequently, viewing figures have rocketed from two goats in 1892 to 780 trillion superior life forms in 2006.

Celebrities are invited to wear an unflattering helmet and endure Jeremy Clarkson misspelling their names. Caravans are ‘murdered’. This is the only form of televised homicide allowed in the United Kingdom, and received special dispensation from Queen

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  • سنة الأنتاج 2007 [UR] الفئة العمرية
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Saturday 11 August, 2007هذا الفليم أضيف الى متجرنا فى .

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